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  • On behance network a pretty funny and cool concept by Jon Defreest. 

    What started out as a joke, somehow became an internet sensation when he posted a fake Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor featuring Ron Swanson to his personal blog. Since then, I’ve been commissioned by several websites to design faux Ice Creams including:, and

    At one point, Ben and Jerry’s corporate felt the need to release an official statement making it clear that “All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have” was in fact, not a real flavor. Especially love the Dexter version: Miami Slices >> key lime pie ice-cream with a blood strawberry swirl and white and dark chocolate body parts. Yummie!

    Though it’s just a faux, I sort of believe this co branding of snacks and series might really work!


     I Just Blue Myself, made for
     Dude Food, made for
     Miami Slice, made for
     All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have, made for fun.
     Carbonite Cruch, made for fun.
     HarassMint Chocolate Chip, made for
     OccuPie Wall Street, made for
     CaddySnack, made for
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